This year pupils in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 have been reading books on the www.kuaderno.com website. It has been a very successful activity and some students have got a very good score. Here you can see some of them with their diplomas. CONGRATULATIONS to all the students for making an effort! Have a nice summer!!!!




Students in Year 6 are showing us different places to go on holidays. Don’t you know where to go this summer? Have a look at these projects if you want some ideas, clicking on the name of the classroom.

image  image

6A                                 6B


Pupils in Year 6 have prepared delicious recipes with the ingredients needed and the instructions to follow.  You could try to make one. Yummy yummy!!!

Click here to have a look at the recipes from Class 6A. And click here to have a look at the recipes from Class 6B.              

6A                      6B