As we mentioned in the general meeting at the beginning of the course, in this first trimester we will take part in an Etwinning project.

Etwinning is a platform where teachers and students can connect with other partners from countries all over Europe and carry out shared projects.

In our project titled «Learning together» we are going to be working with schools from Turkey, Ukraine, Poland and Italy.

During October we have been working on the first stage of the project, introducing ourselves. We have created talking pictures with Fotobabble and have put them together with Padlet.

Here they are! Click on the names, then on “Perfil” and finally on “Play Fotobabble” to hear the presentations.

Padlet wall 3A

Padlet wall 3B

You can see our partner’s presentations in the following link:

During November we will prepare a video about our school.

Moreover, at the beginning of the course we also participated in a mini-project called “Good morning in different languages”. In this project launched by a group of students in Poland the idea was to celebrate the “European day of languages” recording videos with basic phrases in the different languages that are spoken in Europe.

This is the video we created:

Video for «Good morning in different languages» project.

In the following link you can see the rest of the partner’s videos.







We have started the new academic year working a lot!!

We are going to know new friends, and we will exchange and share a lot of information.

In year 4, we will learn about TURKEY and HUNGARY.

In year 5, we will learn about ITALY AND POLAND.

In all of them students are learning English! That’s why we are going to use that language to communicate with them. It’s going to be exhiting!

We will tell you more things, and show everything we receive!


Yesterday, the Scottish David Vivanco came to our school. Before starting his lesson, some of the year 4 students danced aurreskua to welcome him.

He taught us different traditional dances of his country, “Ceilidh dances”. But not only that, he also played different instruments like the bagpipe or the guitar and we sang a song together.

Some videos of the dances and songs below:

IMG_20160509_092045578               IMG_20160509_101749480 

Dancing                                                                          –  Singing



– Playing the bagpipe